Miss Nat started her dance training at age 2, in RAD classical Ballet, CSTD Jazz, Tap and acrobatics, becoming a student teacher of dance at 8yrs of age.  Also winning scholarships in dance to MLC and John Curtin, as well as WAAPA.


Turning professional at age 15, Miss Nat choreographed and performed many shows and productions throughout Western Australia.


Opening her own very successful dance school at 16yrs of age, she decided instead to travel-with the offer of working at the LIDO in Paris, an offer too good to refuse!


Working professionally for the next 15 years all over the world, Nat still found time to choreograph shows, teach and nurture the next lot of dancers coming through.


Working overseas as dance Captain gave an extra confidence in communication-as well as a love of performing and training. On her return to Perth, Miss Nat has taught for many dance schools-eventually opening her own studio.


After having 2 children, Natalie decided to stay local and teach the community her love of dance.


Preferring to infuse the fun and fabulous aspects of dance, rather than concentrating on exams and competitions, Miss Nat has found a wonderful blend to teach children of all ages how to appreciate and nurture their Love of dance.


Located just off North Lake and Hammond Roads, in Cockburn. There are many exciting classes available, ranging from tots to young adults.

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Miss Nat Dance School

   For the love of dance

Our Policy

In order to maintain a clean and safe studio for your child, we ask that you please agree to abide by the following guidelines when in the studio.


A ONE WARNING system is now in place - with dancers asked to leave after the second warning.

Miss Nat has spent years developing her dance programs.


The toddler classes in particular are designed to educate little dancers in spatial awareness, musicality, left and right brain activity, crossing the mid - section - everything that an Occupational Therapist would recommend for a child in these age groups.

While the classes are designed to improve each child's confidence and body co-ordination; to a child, it is just a lot of fun! As a dance teacher and parent, it puts in place all the tools for Kindy, primary school, future dance classes and whatever path each child decides to pursue in the future.


A child should be able to jump with both feet solidly placed on the ground by age two; but every child is different!


A child cannot usually skip before the age of five; but, again, each child is different and each child develops at their own pace. Dance classes help improve their confidence to try new movements and discover the amazing things their little bodies can do.

For our full policy, please contact us.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of dance education is all about the love of dance. 

We believe in teaching the joy of dance, educating dancers all about their abilities, and discovering the amazing possibilities their bodies can offer them through dance. 

Here are some core points that reflect our philosophy in action, keeping in mind that we do not encourage competitions, Eisteddfods or exams:

  • We do not allow any make up on dancers as we believe that young dancers and children are beautiful without make up. Senior teens have the option of wearing make up.

  • We do encourage performing at local school fetes, choreography showcases and end of year concerts. None of these are compulsory.

  • We do not require hairpieces, however we do request that dancers wear their hair off their face; preferably in a bun, so we can see their beautiful faces on stage.


The end of year concerts are all about building confidence and getting up on stage and having fun. The concert is not compulsory - however it is a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity to showcase to family and friends.

Designed to get the dancers used to having an audience, school fetes are a fun community event and the performance is all about fun and supporting the local schools and community. Miss Nats Dance School prefers to keep things accessible to all and give all children the opportunity to perform on stage without any pressure or worry of not being technically perfect.

Dancers are encouraged to perform at the best of their abilities, which is far easier for the dancers if there is no pressure.

"My daughter has been attending Miss Nats since she was 22 months old and has been totally in love with her ever since. Miss Nat has helped nurture my daughter’s love for dance and after years of experience with Miss Nats Dance School, I know that this is something she clearly promotes with all her students. The older students that help out in class is testament to that. You couldn’t ask for a more caring, supportive and nurturing environment for your young dancer."