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Toddlers & Tiny Tots A&B

(Creative Dance Classes)

This class is designed to teach the fundamentals to our tiniest students. They will learn to have fun and what it means to start their journey in dance.

Toddlers: 2-3 years
Tiny Tots A: 3-4 years
Tiny Tots B: 4-5 years

The Creative Dance Classes syllabus has been designed my Miss Nat to include a wide variety of dance genres in a way that suits each age/level. This will ensure that every young dancer has the opportunity to achieve confidence and security when they move through the different levels of the syllabus. Teddy Bears are introduced in Toddler Dance classes, which allows the little dancers to focus on the Teddies and teach them how to dance. This really works well for the shy dancers!

Both Toddlers and Tiny Tots are introduced to a variety of fundamental dance skills such as body mechanics, spatial awareness, musicality, left and right brain co-ordination, sharing and lining up. Basic introductory ballet and jazz are included as well as a variety of mixed themes such as "tiny" Yoga, Acro,  Pilates with ribbons and crossing the midsection by painting the studio etc.


Musical Theatre

For ages 8 and up with 2 levels offered.

Musical Theatre is designed for those talented artists - “The Triple Threats!” 

Singing, Dancing and Acting.

Students are given many different themes, scenarios and emotions to play and act out, with exercises  in  vocal training and dancing to enhance their performance.

Students are asked to be able to read independently for this class as many songs, scenes and plays need to be read and rehearsed.

This class is an amazing class for building confidence.



Acro is designed for dancers to tumble and learn tricks without any apparatus (as in gymnastics). Levels are determined according to ability.

For ages 5 and up.

Acro is taught by our Qualified Acrobatic Arts Teacher - Miss Alicia.

For ages 5 and up with 4 different levels on offer - Acro Dancers learn tumbling skills, balance , strength and many tricks.

Each level has certain skills that need to be assessed and passed before moving to the next level. 

Aerials, Backflips and handsprings are just a few tricks our Acro Dancers learn.

Acro Dancers must wear the appropriate clothing with hair tied back.


Jazz Hip Hop

Jazz Hip/Hop is designed for anybody and everybody to enjoy. Funky, modern music - with improvisation to end most classes - makes a happy dancer!


Jazz/ Hip Hop classes are offered to dancers aged 5 years and up.

Dancers are taught body mechanics and isolations, introducing  different moments of the body to combine steps and challenge themselves, while having a lot of fun with funky music. 

These classes are not as technical as a ballet class, so there is no pressure to be right - improvisation is always welcome!

Dancers must wear the appropriate dance clothing for these classes with hair tied back. 


Classical Ballet

Ballet is wonderful for posture and technique, builds strength and confidence and is a great basis for any style of dance.

Level 1: 5 years and up
Level 2: 8 - 10 years
Level 3: 11 - 13 years
Pointe: 14 years and up

Level 1 offers the basics of ballet, with Level 2 improving on the skills learnt from level 1, and so on for Level 3.

Dancers are taught the syllabus of The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD):

Level 1-2:   5-6 yrs
Level  3:     7-9 yrs 
Level 4:     10-13yrs
Level 5:     12 -17 yrs

Pointe - by assessment only. Pointe Dancers must see Miss Nat’s Dance physiotherapist to be assessed before commencing pointe.

Classical Ballet Dancers must wear Ballet pumps, tights or socks, leotards and hair must be in a bun. 



Tap is great for the brain - mathematically speaking! Tap dancers learn their beats and musicality as well as coordination, while learning to make the most wonderful noise through their Tap shoes!

Levels 1-6

Level 1 Tap classes are for beginners regardless of age, as tap is something that must be taught form the beginning as it can be quite technical.

Each level is designed to improve on the previous one, with the dancers learning more difficult and challenging movements as they progress through.

Tap shoes are provided at the studio (just bring socks), however they are not to be taken home at any point as they are the property of Miss Nat's Dance Studio.

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Level 1 Jazz Tap Combo

Pre-Primary year 1 & 2 school aged children. This is a new class offered for 2019.

This class is designed for the Pre-Primary year 1 & 2 school aged children.

Classes consist of 30 minutes of Beginners Tap and 30 minutes of Funky Jazz/Hip Hop.

Dancers learn the basic moments and style and then individual routines for both Jazz and Tap. 

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Adult Classes

Wednesdays 11:30-12:30pm - Tap class.

Fridays 12:30 - 1:30pm - Ballet class.


Adults classes are run casually and all levels are welcome.


$14:00 per class or $25:00 for 2 classes per week - to be paid at class.


Adult classes are such a fantastic way to build your core, gain strength and confidence, build up a great sweat and make some new contacts and have an absolute laugh!

All levels welcome. 


Please check the Facebook page each day of class in case of cancelations.

"Our daughter has been attending Miss Nat’s Dance School for 4 years. We spent many hours searching for a dance school that allowed her to express her love for dance in an age appropriate setting. Since participating in the Toddler Dance sessions from age 3, she has attempted and enjoyed other classes such as Jazz/Hip Hop, Tap, Classical Ballet and Acro.  Our daughter’s confidence has flourished under Miss Nat’s guidance and her enthusiasm and passion for dance has never wavered. She is motivated to learn as much as she can so that she can eventually be a “helper”.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Miss Nat’s Dance School."


Mel Whitfield