COVID Guidelines

The COVID Guidelines listed here are in following with the state of WA's requirements for sport and recreation, please read carefully so we can keep our dancers safe.

  • Masks are now required to enter the studio and must remain on when you are not dancing. Once you begin dancing, masks may be removed. Masks must be worn into the studio.

  • 1 parent per dancer for Toddlers and Tiny Tots with a vaccination certificate must be shown at the beginning of the term.

  • As a proof of vaccination requirement under gyms and fitness centers, all students ages 16 and over will need to show proof of double dose vaccination to attend class. Furthermore, all parents and guardians of Tinies students and those wanting to drop off within the studio will need to show proof of double dose vaccination to enter with their dancer.

  • Parents and guardians who do not have proof of vaccination can kiss and drop at the entrance where a staff member will take the dancers to class.

  • Kiss and drop for all students from level 1 upwards, parents please do not enter the studio unless necessary or if your child is a dancer below level 1.

  • Hand sanitiser is available for use in the studio as well as hand wash and sinks. Please avoid eating in the studio.

What if I am a parent who is not vaccinated or do not wish to show proof?

  • Kiss and drop is preferred option for drop off/pick up for all parents. Vaccinated and un-vaccinated parents can both continue to use this option.

  • Children will be welcomed by our staff on arrival and accompanied at pick up time.

  • In short, a parents vaccination status will not impact on participation for students under 16 years of ages if they are able to enter the studio independently.

How can you help us with proof checks?

  • Have a regular person drop off and collect your children if entering the studio so if we have sighted your proof once, we can just refer to our records.

  • If you have a different person entering the studio for drop off or pick up, or you need to come in for any other reason, just pop us a message prior so we can be prepared to make the necessary checks for a new person.

  • If you need to discuss concerns with providing proof of vaccination, please do this outside studio class hours so we can be as responsive as possible.