Dancers regularly perform at aged care homes. We also perform at school Fetes and community events and have participated in the Chanel 7 Christmas Pageant for 4 years.


We do not do exams, competitions or eisteddfods. All performances are not compulsory - however we encourage Dancers to give back to the community - especially aged care performances.


Holiday workshops are conducted during the school holidays for ages 7 and up. Dancers get to spend a full day at the studio. The workshop is a lot of fun and a fantastic way to learn more about different genres of dance.

Miss Nat will be conducting the workshop. All information will be given before each term is completed.

Annual Concert

2019 concert at Emmanuel college. 

Dancers will be asked to make a commitment and make a costume deposit mid year. 

  • Saturday 7th December - Dress Rehearsals for Senior Levels only.

  • Sunday 8th December - Junior Concert - 10:30am - 12noon.

  • Sunday 8th December - Senior Concert - 5:30pm - 8:30pm


Movie Nights at the Studio

Movie nights are run at the studio a couple of times per term.

  • Pizza, popcorn and a movie - always a Dance/Musical movie!

  • BYO pillows and PJs !

  • $15:00 per head - profits go towards performance hire extras. 


Concert dates are Saturday 12th & 13th December - depending on restrictions.
Uniforms MUST be worn for the concert as no costumes can be made or delivered.
Uniform link is -
Find collections under Energetiks and any MNDS uniforms can be ordered - Dancers choice.
And please mark any free delivery as ALL UNIFORMS GET DELIVERED TO THE STUDIO! 

No new enrolments for Term 4 2020 as all classes are at full capacity.

Enrolments for 2021 will be open in December 2020.
Timetable is to the hour as per Term 1.