Frequently asked questions

When does term start?

Classes always run by school term. Classes begin on the first Monday of the term, and end on the last Saturday for that term. For specific class times, see our Timetable page.

What should my child wear to dance class?

Dance attire is required - no street clothing is allowed.
Dance clothing is available at all major department stores at a very affordable price. Best & Less, Target, Kmart all have affordable dance attire.
Studio Scene in Melville and Glitter Lane in O'Conner are our local Dance shops.
Shoes are not required for children in Toddlers and Tiny Tots classes. Ballet pumps(NOT jiffies),ballet stockings, and ballet skirts are required for ballet.
Tap shoes are available at the studio for loan - Dancers must bring their own socks. The Tap shoes on loan are not to be taken home and remain the property of Miss Nat's.
While there is not a "uniform " set in place - ALL Dancers must respect the art of dance by being appropriately attired. Dance shorts are great for Acro, Tap and Jazz/HipHop classes, while Dance skirts are appropriate for Ballet and Tiny Tots classes. Below are some examples:

Do parents have to stay?

Parents of Toddlers and Tiny Tots A dancers stay in the studio and watch and participate. This is especially important for Toddlers as this age group are very precious and require parents to be there for them.
Once children are in Kindergarten, the parents move to the waiting room to observe.
Children in older levels are welcomed to be dropped and picked off, however parents must enter the studio to collect them at the end of class. Dancers must NOT roam the driveway.

What does my child need to bring?

A water bottle is always required. The child also may require extra dance shoes and clothing, with snacks and lunch if participating in Saturday classes. NO FOOD IS ALLOWED ON THE STUDIO FLOOR. Food is allowed in the waiting room only.


Please park in VISITORS bays only - or Number 9.